Monday, March 16, 2009

May Elections set for Blooming Grove City Council & School Board

Upcoming Elections will be held on May 9, 2009.

Blooming Grove City Council.
Four candidates have signed up for three open seats.
  • Jeanette Wisdom (Incumbent)
  • Trevor Boyde
  • Jeffrey Dyess
  • Alba "Mickie" Ingram

Blooming Grove School Board.

Six candidates have signed up.

  • Marty Weaver (Incumbent)
  • Donnie Grounds (Incumbent)
  • Rory Evans
  • Chris Ivey
  • Johnathon Southard
  • Thomas (T.C.) Lawson


  1. My name is Jeffrey Dyess, and I am running for a spot on the Blooming Grove City Council, in the upcoming election on May 9th. I wanted to tell the fine people of Blooming Grove a little bit about myself and some of the things that are important to me. I was raised in Houston, went to college in Waco, and lived in Dallas for several years. Have worked for the same company for the past twelve years. I moved to Blooming Grove six or seven years ago, and have not wanted to leave since. I have since, convinced my sister Kelly, and her son Josh to move to Blooming Grove from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am hoping I have more success getting my nephew to join the Volunteer Fire Department with me than I did my sister! There are several things I want to do for our community. I know some of which I will not be able to get done right away or at all, but I am going to try. (Like getting all the streets paved, wouldn't that be nice). I want to see GROWTH in the GROVE, how would the community like to have a little farmer's market area to sale some of their home grown goodies, like Bill Southard's pickles, Roland's watermelons,or your homemade peach cobbler? What about a movie rental here in town? Chili cook-offs, parades, small business, gameroom for the kids, as much as possible to promote our fantastic little town. I love living in the Grove, and I want everyone to experience why!

    I want your vote for City Council.I am committed to working with the other Council members to make Blooming Grove the Best it can be..
    I am an active member of society in the Blooming Grove community.Some of the things closest to my heart include...
    Active in a local church
    Active in the a Lions club
    Participate in Crime Watch meeting
    Member of the Historical Society
    Associate member of the Vietnam Veterans of America

    Thank you for your continuing commitment to Blooming Grove.Let me sharethe responsibility of service and leadership by allowing me to serve on the City Council...I will work hard to make Blooming Grove all it can be.

  3. Hello All BGAYA Supporters,

    I would just like to share a few words with all of our fellow parents, coaches, umpires and school officials about a person who has been involved with BGAYA since the beginning. Marty Weaver has been the best friend BGAYA could have had. He has always supported and helped maintain this program from serving as President, as coach and as umpire; he has provided clinics so our umpires can call games for little league baseball and softball. We as an organization can always count on his support and advice. I have seen this care and determination in everything that Marty Weaver does as a Blooming Grove ISD School Board Member. Marty is honest and will take care in every decision he is faced with. He has served as the Vice- President of the School Board this past term. I am asking that you remember this when you vote for positions on the Blooming Grove ISD School Board. The last day for early voting is today, May 5th until 4pm @ the BG High School with regular voting on Saturday May 9th at the Blooming Grove Volunteer Fire Station.

    Thank you,
    Richard Conger
    BGAYA President